I'd like to know wether Matplotlib can display data with an x axis based on day, hour, minute and seconds.
I found some example and tutorial that shows that this can be done for year, month and day but not for hour, minute, seconds.
It looks like matplotlib use the python type date and generate a list of date within a range (at least in the tutorials).
I'd like to do the same thing but with customized date and time for each of my points.

So my questions would be : can the plot function display some values with a certain time (and if possible date) for each one of the values ? Or, can the plot function use a time object as parameter for x axis ?

I also would like to know wether I can use the same type of functionnality as in Gnuplot where you can specify the format of data in input and the data displayed of the x axis. I just guess that the use of the date object replace any kind of setup in data input but anyway...

Johan Mazel