I tried to dig into the 3D code, and in fact, it is RegularPolyCollection that seems to be incompatible with Axes3D. Axes3D uses _verts to create z values, and it crashes when trying to figure out how to display it ( art3d.py lines 208-221). I don't know enough to correct it.
But I have another idea, but I suppose some had it before. In the plot, scatter, ... code, only one colour can be used, it is tested upon, so my question will be, why not enhancing the test to allow colors for each point ? it would be a sequence of the same size as x or y, but with rgba value, or tuples, ...


P.S. : if I had more time, I would try to solve the problem, but at the moment, I can't :(

2007/3/12, Eric Firing <efiring@hawaii.edu >:
Matthieu Brucher wrote:
> OK, I'm trying to the same but in 3D, and there, no documentaion.
> I tried to launch axes3d.py to see exactly what I can do, but the
> example file does not work. For instance, Axes3D takes two parameters
> for method __init__ and only one is provided. Did someone test it ?
> I'm trying to use collection as well, but for once I prefer MatLab
> simplicity here, it's way to complicated, some arguments must be zipped,
> other are passed not in the collection, but when the collection is added
> to the subplot, ...
> Is there a simple and clear way to do 3D plotting with collections ?

There may be, but all 3D plotting is shaky right now.  The 3D code is
essentially unmaintained and unsupported.