Dear matplotters,
encouraged from the excellent response times to my last problem, I am trying to explore more features of matplotlib.

My current problem is with hexbin.
I have been using numpy.histogram2d and imshow so far for 2d histograms, but I must admit that hexbin looks quite pretty.

In order to emphasize small differences over a large scale, I am using hexbin with the bins='log' option.
The result is very nice, but when I add a pyplot.colorbar(), I would like to have the original number of entries on the ticks, not their log10.

Ideally, I'd change the yaxis of the colorbar to a logscale, and use numpy.power(10, yaxis_values) on it.
I think colorbar().ax.set_yscale('log') should do what I need for the first part, but how do I get the original number of entries back, rather than their log10.
I could cheat and simply replace each ticklabel with 10^ticklabel, but I don't even know how to do that.

Thanks for any pointers,