>>> mfc="None" does the job. mec should then default to the line color.

>> Hmm, I just tried that and it doesn't default to the line color, it
>> instead makes a black edge color for the marker.  I am still using
>> version 0.90.1; is this a newer feature in the latest release? (yes, I
>> will upgrade, just been pokey about it since I was working on other
>> issues).

> I don't remember when I worked on this issue, but it may well be that it was after
> 0.90.1

Well, I just upgraded matplotlib to the latest,, and it is still not making the colors of the marker edges match the lines.  They're still black, despite the various lines being red, blue, green...

This is with the wxAgg backend.  The line in my code is:

line = self.subplot.plot_date(dates,values,'-o',picker=5, lw=2,
         markersize=9, mfc="None")
(Also, since upgrading, now I have a number of things that have changed/are not working in my app, will have to change, but that's probably for the better since I know there are some nice new features in mpl)

Any ideas?


> C M wrote:
>> Sorry this is a basic question but I can't figure out where
>> in the docs nor archives I could find this.
>> Is there a built in method for having unfilled markers?
>> (ones that match the line color).
>> I could set mfc (marker face color) to white and
>> mec (marker edge color) to the color of my line, but
>> what if I don't know the color (because it is generated
>> through the mpl color cycler)?
>> Thanks.
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