On 9/4/07, Eric Firing <efiring@hawaii.edu> wrote:
C M wrote:
> I realize that the clearer question (and one which ties into my original
> thread) is:  do I need pylab to do plot_date()?

No, plot_date is available as an axes method.  Most pylab plotting
commands are thin wrappers for axes methods.

Thanks for your help in clearing this up and the uses of pylab.

So basically I need to use plot_date but in a figure embedded in a wxPython app.
Still not sure how this should be written.  To make it simple, this plot() command
works in my app already:

x = [1,2,3]
y = [10,20,30]
self.subplot.plot(x, y)

So, my question is, how would this be modified for a wx app (that is, no pylab
allowed) and use plot_date()?  Assume my dates are as given below.

dates (x axis): 
09-01-07 12:00:02
09-02-07 12:00:04
09-03-07 12:00:06

values (y axis):

The examples that Bill and Mark gave above in the list showed how to do
this using pylab, but I just need the simplest example and one which does
not use pylab.