On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 9:54 PM, Thomas Robitaille <thomas.robitaille@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks! I could not find any documentation relating to this, so I was
wondering whether it would be better to go with a well-documented
function such as text or figtext? What would be best to use?


On 28 Apr 2009, at 22:27, Yong-Duk Jin wrote:

> You can use 'LABELPAD' to adjust label position.
> e.g.
> import pylab
> hAxes = pylab.axes()
> pylab.xlabel('test')
> hAxes.xaxis.LABELPAD = 0
> pylab.show()

There's now a documented way to do this in SVN HEAD, by passing labelpad as an argument to the xlabel/ylabel functions.


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