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hi all,

what's the most efficient / preferred python way of parsing tab separated data into arrays? for example if i have a file containing two columns one corresponding to names the other numbers:

col1    \t     col 2 
joe    \t  12.3
jane   \t 155.0

i'd like to parse into an array() such that i can do: mydata[:, 0] and mydata[:, 1] to easily access all the columns.

right now i can iterate through the file, parse it manually using the split('\t') command and construct a list out of it, then convert it to arrays. but there must be a better way?

also, my first column is just a name, and so it is variable in length -- is there still a way to store it as an array so i can access: mydata[:, 0] to get all the names (as a list)?

Try matplotlib.mlab.csv2rec or numpy.loadtxt


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