Anyone find an answer to this one?  I'm running into this issue with 0.90.1 and I found this in the archives.  I tried the suggested code and it doesn't seem to work for me.  Right now my workaround is

        min_x = min([min(line.get_xdata()) for line in self.axes.lines])
        max_x = max([max(line.get_xdata()) for line in self.axes.lines])           

Any suggestions?


On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 8:13 PM, Andrea Gavana <> wrote:
Hi John,

   sorry to come back so late with this subject. Well, I have tried
your suggestion:

> When you add lines to the plot, the dataLim are updated, but when you
> remove data with del ax.lines[-1] etc, the dataLim are not updated.
> If all you have in the Axes are line instances, you can update the
> dataLim with the remaining lines, but first you must tell it to ignore
> it's current limits.  You do this with the ignore flag
> # after removing a line, do
> ignore = True
> for line in ax.lines:
>    x = line.get_xdata()
>    y = line.get_ydata()
>    ax.dataLim.update_numerix(x, y, ignore)
>    ignore = False

No way, it doesn't update the axes. Uhm, in my plot I have only lines
and one legend, nothing more. Even if I try a simple case with 2 lines
and I remove one of them, the axes still stay with their previous
limits. I must be missing something.

> After you have tested this, would you mind updating the wiki with this
> information?

No problem, as soon as I am able to update the axes, I will add that
info to the wiki.

Thank you.


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