On Nov 24, 2008, at 5:23 PM, John Hunter wrote:

The first thing I noticed is that all of the LaTeX symbols I have in my
plots are now messed up.  I could see this being a font issue... does anyone

I suggest completely wiping your .matplotlib directory (saving only
your matplotlibrc if you have customized it).  matplotlib caches a

Thanks, this fixed it!

Though, futzing with the LaTeX settings in the new matplotlibrc it appears that something about how/when it chooses when to format as tex has changed.  If text.usetex is True, text in my labels and titles that is enclosed within $$'s gets typeset as tex, but apparently *all* of the xtick labels get set as mathtext - they're in the light/thin and slightly more difficult to read LaTeX font, and in my Basemap figures, the NSEW modifiers on the text objects indicating lat/lon direction are all italicised, as they would be were they enclosed in $$'s.  I don't seem to be able to get the relatively bold, sans-serif tick labels, while still preserving the ability to typeset math in my labels and titles...

(An aside: how does one go about decorating the Text objects that label the ticks?  I frequently have an axis whose units are degrees, and I'd rather just be able to append a $^\circ$ on the end of the text for the ticks, rather than have to say in the axis label [degrees].)

If I set text.markup to 'tex', instead of 'plain' I get a complaint about it being invalid, with a pointer to a URL that no longer exists to obtain a new matplotlibrc:

Bad key "text.markup" on line 162 in /Users/zane/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc.
You probably need to get an updated matplotlibrc file from http://matplotlib.sf.net/matplotlibrc or from the matplotlib source distribution

Thanks again!

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