First, *thank you* to whoever did the Mac OS X backend.  It's much faster and smoother, and seems to behave much more reasonably all around.  As in, show() actually does what it says it's supposed to do, and the figures don't have to be re-sized to draw themselves!

However, there seems to be some kind of strangeness with using mathtext.  When an axis label, tick label, title, or other text has any mathtext embedded within it, the font that the entire text object is rendered in changes, becoming larger, and often fuzzier (in an anti-aliased kind of way).

On the plus (though confusing) side, the ticklabels that are being output by the basemap toolkit are now the same size as all my normal ticklabels, even though they appear to contain a mathtext character (the ^\circ for the degrees symbol), whereas previously, all the basemap ticklabels were coming out larger than the rest of my ticklabels, and I didn't seem to be able to alter them in the normal text object manipulation ways.

I'm running on:
Matplotlib SVN: v6677
Mac OS 10.5.6
macosx backend
python 2.5.1
ipython 0.9.1

After I noticed this the first time, I quit out of the interpreter, and deleted the font cache from my .matplotlib directory, restarted, and the problem persisted.

Any suggestions?  I don't have any of the alternate tex rendering options set in my rcfile, just using plain mathtext.

Zane Selvans
Amateur Earthling
PGP Key: 55E0815F