I've got a plot, containing a graph.
I would like to look at certain parts of it.
To do this I zoom in on the x-axis using set_xlim()
Then I would like to call autoscale(axis='y') and have matplotlib
autoscale the y axis within the current x-axis.

I've tried several ways of doing this, both with autoscale and set_ylim(auto=True)
but non of them have been able to do this, as they only autoscale y on the full graph.
In the end I ended up writing my own code for calculating the new ymin and ymax ans using set_ylim([ymin, ymax]),
but I feel that this should not be necessary.

While googling for the a solution I found an earlier e-mail on the matplotlib list,
which describes the same problem, but was never answered.

Is there any other solution for this that I've missed?