On 10 December 2012 22:43, Tony Yu <tsyu80@gmail.com> wrote:
This MEP only concerns the main gallery. I think user-contributed examples were (are?) the intended focus of SciPy Central:


(and before that, the SciPy Cookbook). I'm not sure about the status of SciPy Central. There was talk of a redesign, but I haven't seen any progress since then.

We (IPython) contacted the maintainer of Scipy Central. The picture is roughly that he doesn't have time to maintain it, but is happy to transfer the codebase and content (and server? I can't remember) to anyone who's interested.

We've also got an idea about making a site for sharing code samples based on http://nbviewer.ipython.org/ , as the notebook is a format that really lends itself to this sort of thing.

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