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Hi All,

I have a question similar to one posted on Aug 30, 2011 titled "Plotting 2D
contourf in Axes3D X-Z plane instead of X-Y plane".  In fact, it is the same
question, and I can't seem to find a satisfactory answer anywhere.

I've attached an image of what I've done in the X-Y plane for reference.
Like the other post, I'd like to do something similar to what I've done in
the X-Y direction, but in the X-Z and Y-Z planes.  Since I've set up a grid
of points throughout the space, this effectively allows me to take "section
cuts" in different directions in the space.  But I can't seem to figure out
how to do it.  I've switched around the "z-dir", as well as replacing X and
Y with Z in ax.contourf.  For reference, I'm using matplotlib 1.1.0.

I'm trying to achieve a similar affect to Mayavi's 'image_plane_widget' to
take volume slices, but using matplotlib.

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What you want is slightly different from what contourf3d does.  Most likely, you have a 3D matrix and what you want is to plot representative 2D slices of that matrix with x, y, and z all being spatial coordinates.  What contourf3d does is plots 2D data with x and y being spatial and z being the "intensity" value, not the spatial value.

I have an idea of how to do what you want, but I need to test it a bit first.  I will get back to you on that.

Ben Root