On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 3:03 PM, Pawel <pawelrc@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks Ben. Your solution for setting different fontsizes worked like a charm!

Glad it worked.

For the other question, what I meant by padding was the distance of the tick label from the axis. This is what I set with the following command:

matplotplib.pyplot.rc(('xtick.major','ytick.major'), pad=10)

so that the pad of the label from the axis is set to 10. Now what if I want to set the pad of just one of the xtick lables to a different value?

Ah.  You could change the x/y position of the Text object.  However, a trick that would be significantly easier and maybe "good enough" would be to simply include a '\n' character at the beginning of that label's string.

Ben Root