On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 3:30 AM, Jostein Bø Fløystad <jostein.floystad@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Benjamin,

and thanks for looking into this. The traceback you showed in your
post is the original one that I see before applying the second patch.
After applying the second patch, I do not see this traceback any more,
and I get the results I expect. In other words, I'm unable to
reproduce the behaviour you get (with the patches applied to current
master). Would it be possible for you to send the code in quickshow.py
that triggers this behaviour?

You seemed uncertain that you had the full patch. The second patch
only changes a single line of code, namely line 1243 of image.py. An
excerpt of the patch:

-    figsize = [x / float(dpi) for x in arr.shape[::-1]]
+    figsize = [x / float(dpi) for x in (arr.shape[1], arr.shape[0])]

For me, this is enough to make imshow work for MxNx3 (or 4).




Sorry for the noise.  I forgot to install the patched version of mpl.  Your second patch certainly does fix the bug and should be committed.  As for the first patch that has the test, I think it would be better to actually create some test data and test image.  I am working on creating such a test set for a related bug in imshow() and imsave().  Once I do that, I can make a pull request that can include both our patches.

Ben Root