On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 3:12 AM, Mads Ipsen <> wrote:

Suppose you do this:

axes = self.figure().get_axes()
contour = axes.contourf(x,y,z)
colorbar = self.figure().colorbar(contour)

Suppose that the contour data changes, can you update the colorbar with the new data?

Currently I remove the colorbar and insert a new one - but I have a feeling that something smarter could be done.

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The only way I could think of to do what you want a bit more intelligently is to reuse the existing QuadContourMesh that comes from the initial call to contourf.  Updates to that "ScalarMappable" object should then trigger updates to the existing colorbar.  Not entirely sure which code would be cleaner, though, because reusing a QuadContourMesh isn't easy.

Ben Root