On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Dylan Temple <dylantem@umich.edu> wrote:

Matplotlib users,

Hello, I am currently trying to create a 3D plot of a ships hull using the
plot_surface command in an instance of Axes3d.  The default aspect ratio
for the surface_plot is a cube which, obviously, makes a silly looking
ship.  The x-axis ranges from 0-150, the yaxis ranges from -10,10 and the
z-axis ranges from 0-10.  I want to retain the aspect ratios of those data
sets in the plot (to get the long, slender ship-looking surface).  I can
get the z and x axes to match up by doing something like:

aspect = (len(xaxis)/len(zaxis))**-1

However, I can not find a way to get different aspect ratios between axis
to get each one in scale with the three data sets.  Is there a way to do
this currently with the Axes3d objects?

Thank you for your help,


It is a feature I have worked on a bit, but haven't fully completed.  Check out this thread:


I should see if I can rebase that branch on the updates I have made to mplot3d since then.
I hope this helps!
Ben Root