The mpl developers are getting very close to the long-awaited v1.1.0 release of matplotlib.  Before we do so, we are doing some final checking of the documentation to make sure that all critical pieces of information iss correct and up to date.

In checking over the instructions for building and installing matplotlib on MacOSX, I have found two separate sets of instructions.  On the install page, there is a reference to a README.txt file in "release/osx".  This file is there, but it seems to refer to other files that no longer exists.  Meanwhile, there is an un-referenced file in the top directory called README.osx that seems a lot more current.

Because I do not have a Mac that I can use for development, I would like to ask the community for help in determining the correct set of instructions and to eliminate cruft.  I think it would also be useful to point users to any relevant instructions for installing/building numpy on Macs.  I would also like to make  sure we are current with information on installing on a stock Lion install.

Please feel free to respond on this list, or better, make a branch on github and submit pull requests to help us improve these documents.

Ben Root