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Dear all

I am a long time matplotlib user  (under linux) but new to the list (second post).

On of the things that bothers me the most is the inability of the standard backend to change simple things (line color, labels, etc...).

There was a feature a couple of us were hacking on a while back that would allow for live switching between color and black&white modes.  Is this sort of stuff what you are speaking of?  The changes were too invasive to be included, but it was an interesting experiment.
I resorted to create a simple FrankeinBackend (based on the GtkAgg)
I guess I am not the only one missing this kind of features or experimenting with similar ideas.

Some points comes to my mind:
Is there any special place where we can share and discuss this?

Is it better if I just open a googlecode place for my code.?

No, GitHub (or any other git-compatible place that could interact with mpl's github repo.)
This is a recurring question and I have no idea what I am talking about

If it is what I think you mean, it is not an often asked-for-feature, but it has been discussed.  It is a very difficult problem to tackle and significant refactoring work would be needed to even begin to address it.  Note, however, such refactor work by itself would be extremely valuable.  Along with that work should also be efforts towards improved documentation, code comments, examples and tests.  This way, when as work is done, we can make sure that nothing is breaking (or make breaks well documented).
This is already done I am reinventing the wheel

Nope, more like re-drawing the wheel.  The wheel itself has yet to be made to everyone's satisfaction.

Ben Root