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I agree that the deprecation process should have been followed better.  However, I'm not sure what you mean by them being faster than their Pyhton counterparts.  Both functions in nxutils are replaced by functions in _path.cpp, which are also written in C++ but are more complete and don't have broken corner cases.  They may be slightly slower  because they have a few more checks and handle Bezier curves, but they are not significantly slower.

What about providing a python module nxutils in master (1.2) that has the same signature as the old nxutils extension code, calls the path functionality, and raises a deprecation warning with suggested a suggested code migration?  And then remove it for 1.3

Yeah.  I think that's a good way out of this.  I'll file a bug and self-assign.


Thanks for that.  As for timing, I have no hard numbers.  In fact, after some checking, I just realized that my app that has been using nxutils still even though I am on master!  Maybe my slowdown was a coincidence with other changes I have made?

Everyone should remember to clear out nxutils.so because the build/clean process won't necessarially do it unless you blow away your install dir.

Ben Root