That is unfortunate that we can't have a summit before/after SciPy 2014. I have also booked my flights and hotel, and the only time I would have to fit a "summit" outside of SciPy 2014 would be Saturday, July 5th in the evening.

I will be there, though, for the entire conference (including both sprint days). Perhaps we can have a somewhat formalized Birds-of-a-feather session? Maybe with a discussion panel and some short presentations on our visions for future matplotlib development?

Ben Root

On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Michael Droettboom <> wrote:
Hello all,

Sorry to be writing this at this late point, but I've been hoping I
could find a way around it.  I won't be able to attend an extra day at
either end of Scipy year, both due to personal commitments and new
funding constraints at NASA.  I do plan to attend/host the matplotlib
sprint again, however, which is not a bad opportunity to catch up on
some of these issues.

So, an extra developer summit day is still possible if someone else is
able to organize it -- I just, unfortunately, won't be able to attend.
We can still use the matplotlib donated funds to cover the cost of the
extra hotel night (assuming the numbers of people wanting to do that is
not too large) and meeting space (if the cost is not too high, though
maybe locals like Damon have a connection for free and/or cheap space).
For reimbursement, I would need a receipt for that hotel night (ideally
with that one night broken out individually), which will then be
submitted to numfocus, who will reimburse you directly.

Sorry to be uncommunicative on this (and uncommunicative in general
lately).  I hope something can still work out at this late date!


On 02/27/2014 11:28 AM, Michael Droettboom wrote:
> How many matplotlib developers are planning to attend SciPy this year?
> If we used some of our funds to support an extra hotel night, would any
> of you be interested in spending an extra day for a "matplotlib
> developer summit" to discuss matplotlib projects?  This would be in
> addition to the sprints, which I see probably being a larger group. Your
> response isn't a committment at this point, I'm just trying to gauge how
> much interest there might be.
> Mike

Michael Droettboom
Science Software Branch
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