Dear Benjamin,

Thanks for the reply. Apparently my Python 2.6 version was completely removed and I only have Python 2.7. My matplotlib and numpy are the latest versions. In matplotlib homepage, I found that meshgrid should do the same job, but I cannot make script to run it from a file. Is there a simple way to do contour plotting on a simple 3 column file (x, y, z) where I gave a link to the table file in my previous email?

Thanks a lot


First, if you were importing griddata before like that, that it is quite likely that it was some other module that was installed in your python-2.6/site-packages directory that overrode numpy's griddata. When you upgraded, that griddata module could not be found in python-2.7/site-packages. Commenting it out allowed python to find pylab's griddata.

Second, you really need to clean up your imports. There is no need for the two math imports, or the numpy import (because the pylab import handles that).

Oddly, though, your griddata import comes before the pylab import. I would expect that the pylab griddata would have overridden the first griddata import. And so there shouldn't have been a difference.

Did you happen to upgrade matplotlib and/or numpy as well?

Ben Root