Hi Russell,

>Makes we
> think we can drop 32 bit support, too. Maybe the newest 2.7 py.org binaries
> could be 64 bit only. It would simplify things a bit.

I hope you will not drop 32-bit support yet.. I still use it to
distribute some Tkinter apps. All recent versions of ActiveState Tcl/Tk
8.5 have a nasty crashing bug that I have not found a workaround for,
and old enough versions that don't have the bug need to run in 32-bit
mode on Mavericks.

Darn. I guess it's not uncommon that even folks with a 64 bit machine may need a lib or something that is 32 bit only -- so maybe good to keep it. But it really is a pain -- and this example is supposed to be part of Python's stdlib! 

On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Matthew Brett <matthew.brett@gmail.com> wrote:

Do you need 32 bit support for the wheels or just for the MacPython
binaries?   It's getting harder to build 32 / 64 bit universal
binaries these days...

Exactly -- will an Intel  Universal Python pick up a 64 bit-only wheel?

That would be OK for most folks, I guess, though I'd really prefer it if things were more clear -- you have a 32/64 bit python, you install wheels and it works fine for you, so distribute via py2app, then it crashed when run in 32 bit mode...

Oh well.



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