On 17 December 2012 14:04, campbell.kb <campbell.kb@gmail.com> wrote:
I am an environmental computer modeler. I've created scripts that use
tripcolor() to do contour plots of various output variables (with values at
the centers of triangles and at the corners of the triangles). The grids I
am working on are rather large (I am involved in modeling the United States'
Great Lakes). The issue is that tripcolor() is exceedingly slow to use
because I am producing contour plots for 3 variables, for all 48 time steps
in a 48 hour forecast. Is there any chance that the tripcolor() function can
be sped up, or is there anything I should do (in generating the arguments
passed to it) that would speed up its execution time? 

There is probably something you can do to speed up your execution time, but for us to help we will need to see exactly what you are doing.  Can you post an example of one of your slow scripts with the appropriate data?  As you are dealing with large datasets you may want to simplify the example script/data you send.  If the data is still too large and/or you don't want to post it to a public mailing list, you can email it to me directly.

Ian Thomas