On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 4:49 PM, Rahul Mahajan <aerorahul@gmail.com> wrote:
I am trying to put 1 colorbar on 2 subplots, but failing miserably.

I have tried multiple approaches, involving subplot2grid, add_axes, AxesGrid etc.

If anyone has a "canned" routine or knows what to do, your help is greatly appreciated.

Here is my code block:

  fig = pyplot.figure()

    ax1 = pyplot.subplot2grid((2,2),(0,0))
    cx1  = pyplot.contourf(x,y,var1,var_cint,origin='lower',extend='both')

    ax2 = pyplot.subplot2grid((2,2),(0,1))
    cx2  = pyplot.contourf(x,y,var2,var_cint,origin='lower',extend='both')

Now I want to put 1 colorbar to these subplots.

This example seems to be a very simple example of what you want:

Basically, you need to create an axes specifically for the colorbar (e.g. `colorbar_ax`) and call pyplot.colorbar(cax=colorbar_ax); or you can let mpl automatically take space from one of your existing axes: for example, pyplot.colorbar(ax=ax2).

You can also pass a mappable to pyplot.colorbar (in your example, cx1 or cx2), but by default, it will grab the most recently created one. Note, using the single colorbar for both subplots *only* makes sense if var_cint (in your code) is defining the *values* of the contour levels (as opposed to the *number* of contour levels). Otherwise, the colorbar will only be accurate for one of the two plots.