On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 10:14 PM, Jorge Scandaliaris <jorgesmbox-ml@yahoo.es> wrote:
Are there any caveats when using events together with IPython that you
are aware of? I have some code that I use to interactively explore
images that works OK when run from a Python interpreter but does not
(see note) when run from IPython. With --pylab option the problems are
more evident, but don't disappear completely without it. If I test
with some of the examples (i.e.
they work OK in both cases. I can't really post a working example, as
my code has grown large, and I am still trying to pin point the root
cause. I am posting also at the IPython ml, who knows

I'll appreciate any hints and or related problems you might have had,
that help me find a solution to this.


Note: Does not run refers to *some* of the event handling defined not
working, for example I have defined specific keys that trigger the
loading of a new image

Just a wild guess: Any chance you're using some GUI-toolkit-specific functionality?