This is a good idea indeed. Especially, when one creates plots for presentations and papers. Usually, I make ticks, ticklabels, axes labels, line widths, marker sizes as large as possible (within reasonable limits) to make them more readable for presentation purposes. However, the same element sizes don't look very pretty when I create the same plots for paper or vice versa. The solution is either keep modify two rc files or adjust one rc file accordingly for each plotting style. 

Could the syntax be simplfied a bit? Say rather than using that with statement and the extra 4 spaces, can it be just a one simple liner like matplotlib.rcuse(mpl_paper.rc) or matplotlib.rcuse(mpl_presentation.rc)?

On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 2:17 PM, Paul Ivanov <pivanov314@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey everyone,

I wanted to highlight Matthew Emmett's (memmett) PR in progress [1] that
brings the ability to switch between rcParams.

Matthew's implementation started with just being able to read in and use
an rcParam file, and I suggested the idea of having a context manager,
that would allow you to do something like:

 with rc_context(fname):

and have the rcParams restored outside of the context.

I know there have been a few threads (can't find links now for some
reason) and in-person discussions in the past about having this kind of
ability in matplotlib, and having an idea of "styles", and Tony Yu
implemented a variant of this on top of matplotlib in mpltools [2], but
I wanted to ping the list here for other ideas and feelings about such
functionality (if anyone can find pointers to previous discussions, that
would be very welcome).

1. https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/pull/861
2. https://github.com/tonysyu/mpltools

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