Hi James,
Thanks for sharing the MEP - it's a really interesting idea, and the MEP itself looks like a good start.

It is indeed a very interesting idea, and a challenging one! Thanks for tackling this problem.
I'd strongly encourage you to stick with standard CSS syntax/behaviour instead of extending it. For example, the selector of "Axes.ylabel" would be more consistent as "Axes .ylabel" (or perhaps "Axis.y .label").

I actually think we need to focus on something easy to parse and easy to use, not necessarily stick to the CSS syntax and behaviour. Back in the day where I was doing web development and design integration, everyone seemed to hate CSS, so I am a bit curious and dubious about this choice.

I think we need to be careful about the choice of the grammar and the API: we know there are tools that are "doing it right", and tools that aren't (matplotlib falls in the second category). Before trying our own recipe  I suggest that we look elsewhere, on how other libraries are tackling this problem, to see if we can reuse some of the good ideas and avoid errors. I am thinking in particular about ggplot2 (which I have never used, but I hear is very nice).

Do you have ideas on how one or more stylesheets would be "attached" to a particular figure, etc?

Richard Hattersley

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