The problem is that the function in _path.cpp expects a path radius argument, r.

Here is the signature:
point_in_path(double x, double y, double r, PathIterator& path,
              const agg::trans_affine& trans)

but the invocation in python looks like this:

point_in_path(point[0], point[1], self, transform)

On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 9:27 PM, Gustavo Goretkin <> wrote:
I think I'm experiencing a bug.

Here is a minimum example:

import matplotlib.patches as mpatches
path = mpatches.Rectangle((0,0),width=1,height=1).get_path()
print path.contains_point(point=(.5,.5))

it raises an IndexError: Unexpected SeqBase<T> length.

I think this is a problem in the contains_point method which calls a C
function point_in_path inside of matplotlib._path