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Pythonified wrote:
> I have been trying to assign different colors for each line I plot, where
> the colors are incrementally darkened (or lightened), or selected from a
> colorbar (e.g. rainbow).
> Any ideas?

I have found a simple and better way. One can chose from colors from a color

>>import pylab as pl
>>import matplotlib.cm as cm
>>xval = pl.arange(0, 20, 0.2)
>>for i in range(256):
    ...  pl.plot(xval, pl.sin(xval)+i, c=cm.hot(i), lw=5)

This one if, for instance, picking from a color map called "hot". If one
wants to the colors to fade away, or darken, the "alpha" option can be
utilized or another color map in which colors darken or fade into another

There is no need for a long sophisticated script.


Nice trick. This can go into the gallery or somewhere else in scipy cookbook.