Thanks Chris,

I've decided to deactivate the darwinports python and I've installed python2.4/wxPython from your links below.
I have MPL/numpy/scipy eggs from Chris Fonnesbeck ( and Charlie Moad that uses wxPython/python24.

I had started looking at pygtk for GUI apps, but I shall now take a look at wx.

Thanks to you and Charlie for your help.

For those interested in the scipy/numpy egg, I had two issues I had was that the scipy egg didn't seem to install correctly.
### 1
I found that if instead I unzipped the scipy egg file and then rm'd it, there was no problem.
cd /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/lib/python2.4/site-packages
sudo unzip scipy-
sudo mv scipy- scipy-

so there must be some issue with the pkg loader from eggs rather than directories.

### 2.
In scipy/cluster/
I had to change line 306

from numpy.randint import randint
#            guess = take(obs,randint.rvs(0,No,k),0)        # gjok20060208
            guess = take(obs,randint(0,No,k),0)



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On 14/02/2006, at 8:20 AM, Christopher Barker wrote:

Graeme O'Keefe wrote:
I'm using darwinports/python24 whereas the preinstalled environment which includes wxpython is python23.

There are easy installs for python2.4 and wxPython 2.6.1 for python2.4:
(or the wxPython download page)

I've built MPL for those versions in the past, I don't have the latest, and I haven't figure out eggs yet, but I should some day.

I'll wait until matplotlib/numpy makes it into darwinports.

Essentially, darwinports is kind of like a Unix within OS-X, so I'd go with all darwinports or no darwinports (for Python stuff)

I'm not particularly wedded to the idea of using py-gtk2, is there any compelling reason to use wxpython over py-gtk2?

It depends on how you are using it. wxPython lets you develop fairly native cross platform apps. It also works with the native Mac GUI (rather than X11). If you're using MPL stand alone (rather than embedded in a larger GUI app), and you're happy with darwinports and X11, then there is no advantage.


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