On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 12:04 PM, Chloe Lewis <chlewis@berkeley.edu> wrote:
Lab Rat, Ben;

Yes, you could use the ternary code I've put together to do the CAC plots in 2D; defining a complete triangular grid and triangular patches would be easy.

If I'm reading the examples correctly, all the third-dimension information duplicates the color information.

They're simpler than they look, Ben, which is part of their charm; we use them for any mixture of three elements where a+b+c is constant, so really they're 2D data. (Why bother, people ask? Because which of the elements is most interesting varies with the mixture and use, so we like having all three axes labeled. Note: many versions get one of the axes backwards.)



For right now, I think we will just leave it to people utilizing your code as is for right now.  Eventually, I would like to see about creating a proper projection and axes object to provide general functionality, but I will not be able to work on that for about a month.

Ben Root