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Hi all,

I tried to plot parts of a large 3D array with each 4 float64 entries.
Loading the array with numpy.fromfile and performing a type conversion
afterwards ends up in a MemoryError.

The following code reproduces the error:
import gc

from os import path
from numpy import zeros, empty, float32, float64, fromfile

# With the imports of the next three lines a memory error occurs
#import matplotlib
#import matplotlib.pylab as plt

_filename = "mt.dat"

if (path.exists(_filename)==False):
       print "Write file ..."
       _mtf = file(_filename, "wb")
       _mtd = zeros( (300,300,300,4),dtype=float64)

       _mtd = empty((0))

print "Try to read file ..."

_mtf = file(_filename, "rb")
# The memory error occurs with the type conversion to float 64,
# but only if mathplotlib is imported!
_mtd = fromfile(_mtf,float64).astype(float32)

print "Successful read:",_mtd.shape

# Here some plot stuff would be :)

If the import of matplotlib is not included, no error occures otherwise it
will not work. Perhaps anybody can help me (I tested it only on a Windows XP

    Best regards and thank you


I don't know if it would make a difference, but I see that you are importing matplotlib.pylab as plt.  This is not a typical way of importing matplotlib.  Try instead:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Ben Root