Are you trying to plot 4 lines with the same y-axis or with two or more y-axes?  I only ask because the values of your 5th column are many orders of magnitude smaller than the values of the other ys.

If you want multiple y-axes on the same plot, then you might want to look at Parasite Axes.  If not, then you can very simply plot this like so (assuming that 'data' is a 2-D numpy array).

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

plt.plot(data[:, 0], data[:, 1])
plt.plot(data[:, 0], data[:, 2])
plt.plot(data[:, 0], data[:, 3])
plt.plot(data[:, 0], data[:, 4])

I am sure that my 4 plot statements can be simplified, but I can't verify that right now.

I hope that helps.

Ben Root

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 6:05 PM, Howard Sun <> wrote:
Sorry for the newbie question, how do you plot one x with multiple ys. In below data, x column is followed by 5 y columns:
Many thanks!

2 1.0000e+00 6.6232e-02 9.9392e-03 2.2992e-02 3.8111e-07
3 6.3664e-01 1.0269e-01 7.9107e-03 1.8254e-02 1.1391e-07
4 2.7590e-01 4.9783e-02 6.2644e-03 1.0943e-02 5.8480e-08
5 1.6550e-01 2.3269e-02 4.7482e-03 8.4312e-03 5.8239e-08
6 1.1590e-01 1.7234e-02 3.8567e-03 8.7010e-03 4.5506e-08
7 7.4337e-02 1.1662e-02 3.3756e-03 8.0889e-03 4.0900e-08
8 5.7775e-02 1.0917e-02 2.8980e-03 6.9654e-03 3.7520e-08
9 4.7310e-02 1.1869e-02 2.5929e-03 5.8326e-03 3.4745e-08
10 3.9591e-02 1.1301e-02 2.4691e-03 5.2749e-03 3.2126e-08
11 3.6517e-02 1.0755e-02 2.3121e-03 4.8631e-03 3.7942e-08
12 3.2872e-02 9.8306e-03 2.1692e-03 4.6281e-03 3.2358e-08
13 3.1235e-02 9.1704e-03 2.0419e-03 4.3928e-03 3.1479e-08
14 2.9528e-02 8.6926e-03 1.9364e-03 4.1360e-03 3.5639e-08
15 2.7895e-02 8.3080e-03 1.8475e-03 3.9015e-03 3.0486e-08
16 2.6440e-02 7.9610e-03 1.7776e-03 3.6790e-03 3.0307e-08
17 2.5259e-02 7.6345e-03 1.6984e-03 3.4743e-03 3.1805e-08
18 2.4064e-02 7.3267e-03 1.6341e-03 3.2848e-03 3.0188e-08
19 2.3171e-02 7.0284e-03 1.5821e-03 3.1098e-03 2.7565e-08
20 2.2317e-02 6.7322e-03 1.5247e-03 2.9475e-03 2.7009e-08

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