Fine by me as well. Maybe modify the documentation to point to mpl_install_std. How should we proceed?

-- Fernando

On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 23:55, Eric Firing <> wrote:
On 03/04/2011 09:09 PM, Jouni K. Seppänen wrote:
> Eric Firing<>  writes:
>> What is the rationale for removing the --prefix argument?  It doesn't
>> prevent one from installing in the standard location.
> The $PREFIX variables is used by make.osx for two different purposes:
> (1) the dependencies are installed under $PREFIX and the extensions are
> compiled to use them from there, in order to avoid version mismatches
> with libraries in /usr, /opt, etc.; (2) the " install" command
> is given --prefix $PREFIX as an argument so that matplotlib gets
> installed in a non-standard location.
> I like just (1), so to install matplotlib I do "make -n mpl_install"
> and edit the command to remove the prefix. Or, actually, edit it to be
> " develop". The Makefile sets a bunch of environment
> variables that are needed for the compilation to succeed with the
> downloaded dependencies.
> How about putting the environment assignments in just one place and
> creating multiple installation targets, maybe like this:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> run_cmd:
>          export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=${PKG_CONFIG_PATH} \
>          (etc) \
>          ${PYTHON} ${CMD}
> mpl_build:
>          run_cmd CMD=" build"
> mpl_install:
>          run_cmd CMD=" install --prefix=${PREFIX}"
> mpl_install_std:
>          run_cmd CMD=" install"
> mpl_develop:
>          run_cmd CMD=" develop"
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

That looks to me like a good solution.


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