Hi all,

I have a derived class that I copy-pasted from the web somewhere to hide some tick labels:

class MinorLogTickFormatter(matplotlib.ticker.LogFormatter):
    # Format log scale with 10^ labels. Only if show one label over two.
    def __call__(self, val, pos=None):
        exponent = int(numpy.floor(numpy.log(abs(val))/numpy.log(self._base)))
        base = int(val / 10.0**exponent)
        isDecade = self.is_decade(exponent)
        if not isDecade and self.labelOnlyBase:
            return ''
        if (not (base == 2 or base == 4 or base == 6 or base == 8)): # Only show these ones.
            return ''
        label = r"$%d \times 10^{%d}$" % (base, exponent)
        return label


I've beend using this since many months, but with matplotlib 1.0.1 I can't anymore. It complains about the is_decade() function:
isDecade = self.is_decade(exponent)
AttributeError: MinorLogTickFormatter instance has no attribute 'is_decade'

How can I fix that?