Hi matplotlib-users!

OK, yeah, I'm pretty new to matplotlib/pylab... I played with biggles for a short while but, all (more than 3) my python-using associates in the astronomical community we saying matplotlib was the way of the future... So I started with matplotlib.

I would like to plot some points, y vs x on a graph. y containing simple values, x is an angle. plot(x, y) -- that bit is fine, values as a function of angle. But what I need to do is then have an another labelling scheme on the upper x axes. This would be say, a distance, and so is simply a constant multiplied by the lower x. I figured there would be some way I could rescale the x-axis and write it at the top, but a way of accomplishing this I cannot find.

I have been playing with twinx a bit but not getting very far. It's not that I want to plot 2 different datasets because the two are equivalent. Is it the non-existnt twiny() I am looking for? Or is there simply a way to redraw axes over the current ones with a certain range, that leaves the range in the first plot untouched? I have messed with twinx a bit and some of the discussion in the archive for this list but I can't figure out how to do it...

Hope that makes sense? Sorry my first post was a beg for help