Dang, I looked at it, but so much has changed since 0.98.3 release that I have little chance of getting any changes implemented.
Any plans for a new release that you know of?
Thanks, Mark

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 7:29 PM, Eric Firing <efiring@hawaii.edu> wrote:
Mark Bakker wrote:
I was gone for the weekend (sorry, but that 'life' thing gets in the way of getting things done sometimes). I don't have a way to build stuff at the moment. Can I just check out the axes.py and replace my current one, or are there too many changes?

The changes were in ticker.py and axes.py.  Whether plugging in the current versions would work depends on the age of the other files you have.  If you have a fairly recent svn build, then updating those two files probably would work.  You could use svn to get the diffs specifically for my changes related to shared axes.



On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 7:57 AM, Eric Firing <efiring@hawaii.edu <mailto:efiring@hawaii.edu>> wrote:

   Mark Bakker wrote:

       Hello list (especially Erik, who can fix this I hope) -

       I have had problems with shared axes, especially when one of the
       axis has an aspect ratio that is set 'equal'. It has been
       discussed on the list before (mostly with Erik Firing), but it
       hasn't been fixed yet. What I want to do is have two plots. The
       top plot has an aspect ratio that is 'equal'. The idea is to
       have a contour plot in the top figure, while the bottom figure
       gives a cross-sectional picture of what I am plotting. This used
       to work well (quite some time ago), including zooming and such.
       But now I cannot plot it at all, let alone zoom.

       My first problem is when I add a subplot with a shared x-axis,
       it changes the limits on the original x-axis. That seems to be a
       ax1 = subplot(211)
       plot([1,2,3])  # Now the limits of the x-axis go from 0 to 2.
       subplot(212,sharex=ax1)  # Now the limits of both x-axis go from
       0 to 1.

       After all, the new subplot shares the axis with the existing
       subplot, so why doesn't it copy the axis limits from that subplot?

       But the bigger problem occurs when I want the aspect ratio of
       one of the first axis to be 'equal'.

       ax1 = subplot(211,aspect='equal')
       plot([1,2,3]) subplot(212,sharex=ax1)


   I made some more changes so that the above works by changing the
   adjustable to 'datalim'.  Have I broken anything?  Does this work
   for your applications?


       The second subplot is added, but the length of the graph is not
       the same as for the first subplot. It also resets the xlimits to
       go from 0 to 1, as before, which means the first subplot becomes
       unreadable (it still enforces 'equal' in the first subplot by
       changing the limits of the y-axis). When I now change the limits
       on the x-axis, the aspect ratio is not equal anymore


       Thanks for your help. I am willing to help in testing any changes.

       Best regards, Mark


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