You'll need to edit to not inject the "-framework Tcl -framework Tk" flags.

- Charlie

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 12:36 AM, Adam Mercer <> wrote:

I'm trying to track down a problem present in MacPorts Matplotlib
build and the TkAgg backend. It appears that Matplotlib is linking
against the system Tcl/Tk in /System/Library/Frameworks and not the
non-framework Tcl/Tk installed by MacPorts, as to be expected this is
causing segfaults when trying to use the TkAgg backend as the system
version of Tcl/Tk differs from the MacPorts version.

I've tried removing the list of directories to search for the
framework in in the add_tk_flags() method, ie I've set
framework_dirs = [], and then set the paths to the Tcl/Tk header and
libraries in the hardcoded_tcl_config() method to point to the
MacPorts versions but this just leads to the build not being able to
find Tcl/Tk and therefore not building the TkAgg backend, the
following is displayed on build:

              Tkinter: no
                       * Tkinter present, but header files are not found.
                       * You may need to install development packages.

The header files are installed. Can Matplotlib be linked against a
non-framework build of Tcl/Tk on Mac OS X, and if so how?



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