2007/4/27, John Hunter <jdh2358@gmail.com>:
On 4/27/07, darkside <in.the.darkside@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi everyone,
> I'm trying to solve a lineal differential equation system, and I,m proving
> with the mlab.rk4 function.
> The problem I've found is that if the solution if a complex number, I can't
> use this functin, because it doesn't accept complex number, and I can only
> get the real case.
> Have anyone treat with this problem?
> What do you use to solve differential equation systems?

rk4 was something I wrote long ago to have a simple ODE integrator in
case scipy wasn't installed on my system.  You should be using the
scipy.integrate tools

Thank you very much!!!

I used scipy.integrate tools, splitting complex and real part of the equations, and it worked so good!!

I tried to use: In addition I have filed a ticket for a complex ODE solver.

But I haven't been able to compile it. It returns a lot of errors when I tried. I suposse that it's because of the fortran compiler, but I don't know.