On 07/23/2013 03:33 PM, Benjamin Root wrote:
Just checked out rc5 from git and did an install, and ran into a pyparsing version check issue.

What was the issue?  Is it that you had 2.0.1 which rc5 still considers to be incompatible with Python 2?  I'd like to know specifically what happened in case there's a deeper issue.

  Turns out I completely forgot to do a "git clean -fxd".  Doing that fixed the problem.

Interesting.  I guess this would depend on what version you were on before the switch to rc5.  If 1.2.x, I'm not surprised (since pyparsing was included in the source tree then).  If master, I'm not sure what the cause would be.

  When we officially announce this, perhaps it would be best to mention that command?  In addition, it would probably be a good idea to include this tidbit into the INSTALL?

But that only applies to users of git (in which case this is very often an issue), and not users who download the tarball or package.  I think it makes sense to add it to the developer docs, not the INSTALL docs.