On 07/21/2013 04:12 AM, David P. Sanders wrote:

Breaking news from the MathJax site:

The SVG output processor is new in MathJax version 2.0, and it uses Scalable Vector Graphics to render the mathematics on the page.

Not everything that views SVG is a web browser with Javascript support, so doing so would break using the SVG files in Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator, for example.  I think that's kind of a non-starter, unfortunately.

Mike: Could we use this to finally render all text in STIX *without* using an external TeX installation? This would be fantastic!

You already can render all text in STIX without an external TeX installation.  That's the purpose of the mathtext support in matplotlib.  I agree it has the one wart that the default font also needs to be set when using stix for the math, but beyond that, it does already work today.



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