Thanks John. The bar_stacked example does not seem to work for histograms, but I'm glad to know that we could manually make the legends. 

I still do not know how to specify the colors of the "stacks" in my histogram, so adding the manual legends for them is still a pain -- but at least doable since I can figure it out from the actual data.

amit shrestha
John Hunter wrote:
On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 3:15 PM, Amit <> wrote:
Hi all,

Has any of you had any luck with creating stacked histograms using
matplotlib? It seems to work but I have no idea how to label (or add the
legend) or choose the colors of the stacks. Below is a sample code for
creating a stacked histogram. Can anyone help please? Unlike the "bar()"
function, hist() doesn't seem to have the color/colors parameter.


import sys
import matplotlib.pyplot as pyplot
import numpy as numpy

page_numbers_one = (100,100,500,600,800)
page_numbers_two = (100,100,500,600,800,100,100,100,100,100)
page_numbers_three = (900,100,500,600,800,500)



Have you seen this example:

To create the legend, it is best to create proxy objects, eg
Rectangles, with the right colors and manually add them to the legend.