I would like to have a cluttering functionality to colorbar.



Before writing it, I would like to know if there is a way to doing it with matplotlib.

What I mean by cluttering is:


You’ve got a colormap associated with a graphic where value goes from 0 to 255 for example.

Assigning a classical colormap (for example cm.jet) 0 value will be blue and 255 one will be red.

What I need is a low  clutter and max clutter, if I set low clutter to 10 and ax cluter to 250 then:

Blue will be for value from 0 to 10

Then the colormap do his job from 10 to 250 and finally

From 250 to 255 colr will be set to max one = red.


Is it ever done in matplotlib, if not what could be the strategy here…?

I was thinking of set_over/set_under but seems not be exactly what I need because I want to recreate the colormap from 10 to 250 with N segments.

(moreover I don’t understand how you set the over/under value…)