Dear Darren,

I know "text.latex.preamble" is not supported, but since I upgraded to Matplotlib 0.91.1 my latex preamble code which was working perfectly well in 0.90.1, now gives my the follow errors (both on openSUSE & XP):

In [1]: run
C:\Python\lib\site-packages\matplotlib\ UserWarning: Bad val "\u
sepackage[cmex10]{amsmath},\usepackage{helvet},\usepackage{sansserifmath}" on li
ne #128
        "text.latex.preamble       : \usepackage[cmex10]{amsmath},\usepackage{he
        in file "c:\My Documents\My Publications\PEDS-2007\Paper_I\Presentation\
        global name 'verbose' is not defined
  "%s"\n\t%s' % (val, cnt, line, fname, msg))

Has the syntax changed... or is this a bug...?

I also get this error message w.r.t. to "verbose" which isn't critical but annoying...

Kind regards,


Op 2007/05/18 18:05, het Alexander Schmolck die volgende geskryf:
Darren Dale <> writes:

Well, if ever there was a compelling use-case for an
undocumented/unsupported feature it would be this one, I think.
Alright, svn 3277 lets you add additional commands to the preamble:

text.latex.preamble : \usepackage{bm},\renewcommand{etc...}

See the default matplotlibrc file for more information.

THIS FEATURE IS NOT SUPPORTED. Please don't report problems on the mpl mailing 
lists without submitting a patch to fix them. 

Alex, please give this a spin. Tell me if it meets your needs, and if it 
doesnt, send a patch.

Great! Thanks for incorporating this! It fits my needs, but I sent a (mostly
unreleated) patch anyway (against 3278) :)



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