>>> Jeff Whitaker <jswhit@fastmail.fm> 3/16/2007 18:30 >>>
I just put a new release (0.9.5) of basemap on the sf download site. 
Windows users - please let me know if the binary installers work OK.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the great toolkit.
I've just downloaded, installed and tested "basemap-0.9.5.win32-py2.4.exe" using a few quick examples. It seems to work OK :)
P.S. It might be worth knowing that removing basemap-0.9.4 broke my install of your grib2 library, which relied on 'pyproj.pyd' being visible to Python in the 'Lib\site-packages' directory, rather than being renamed '_pyproj.pyd' and moved to 'Lib\site-packages\matplotlib\toolkits\basemap' as it is now. 

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