Yes, good point. But for the time being, I have enough space on my web page and uses my own CVS server ... it just reduces the "management" overhead, since I can control everything easily on my own.

For the plugin idea, I will let it to you guys ... I'm too new to make a comment on this ;-)


Andrew Straw wrote:
John Hunter wrote:
That said, I would always be happy to include a (mostly) full featured
backend for a format a large number of users want.  Short of that, I
think distributing it through another channel, or making a sandbox in
the mpl distribution, 
FWIW, Jeff Whitaker 's basemap and my mplsizer (wx-like sizer
implementation for mpl) live in the "toolkits" directory of the mpl
svubversion tree. I think that partially-implemented backends could also
happily live there.

It's also feasible to allow runtime discovery of backends through the
use of setuptools' plugins (to name one route). I understand completely,
however, that there may be a resistance to adding a dependency on