Thank you for your answer!
I am trying to use helvetica and yes, text(r'$1+2+3={}$1+2+3') gives me helvetica for the non math mode case.
But how do I get math mode to use the same font? I've tried to set 'mathtext.rm': 'sans-serif' in my params dict
and then run "rcParams.update(params)" but that did not help. Do you know what I should do?

// Johan

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 2:06 PM, Jouni K. Seppänen <> wrote:
"Johan Ekh" <> writes:

> So far I've tried reading a file with settings specific to the current
> document and using "rcParams.update(params)" to dynamically change the
> settings.

This seems to me to be a good way of switching between settings.

> This way I can get the right font for legends and labels, but
> I have not figured out how to get correct fonts for the numbers
> on the x- and y-axes. Matplotlib uses whatever is default in my LaTeX
> installation (Computer Modern?). I use "text.usetex: True".

The usetex support attempts to select a font from the same list used by
matplotlib otherwise. I'm not sure if it's properly documented anywhere,
but the machinery is in, and here's the relevant data

   font_info = {'new century schoolbook': ('pnc',
               'bookman': ('pbk', r'\renewcommand{\rmdefault}{pbk}'),
               'times': ('ptm', r'\usepackage{mathptmx}'),
               'palatino': ('ppl', r'\usepackage{mathpazo}'),
               'zapf chancery': ('pzc', r'\usepackage{chancery}'),
               'cursive': ('pzc', r'\usepackage{chancery}'),
               'charter': ('pch', r'\usepackage{charter}'),
               'serif': ('cmr', ''),
               'sans-serif': ('cmss', ''),
               'helvetica': ('phv', r'\usepackage{helvet}'),
               'avant garde': ('pag', r'\usepackage{avant}'),
               'courier': ('pcr', r'\usepackage{courier}'),
               'monospace': ('cmtt', ''),
               'computer modern roman': ('cmr', ''),
               'computer modern sans serif': ('cmss', ''),
               'computer modern typewriter': ('cmtt', '')}

What font are you trying to use? Is it one of those listed above?

Since you say that you get the right font for legends and labels but not
for tick labels, perhaps the problem is with math mode. What font do you
get if you typeset a formula? Try something like


to see if the math font is different from the text font.

Jouni K. Seppänen

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