Hi, and thanks for your answer.

I got the following output from running my script with the --verbose-helpful flag:

--- x ---

joeh@sevst-x-crc5959:~/ABB/HVC/SubSea/Python> python plot_data.py --verbose-helpful
matplotlib data path /usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data
loaded rc file /home/joeh/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc
matplotlib version 0.90.0
verbose.level helpful
interactive is False
platform is linux2
numerix numpy 1.0.3
font search path ['/usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data']
loaded ttfcache file /home/joeh/.matplotlib/ttffont.cache
backend GTKAgg version 2.10.3
Could not match Computer Modern Roman, normal, normal.  Returning /usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data/Vera.ttf
Found dvipng version 1.5
Could not match Computer Modern Roman, normal, normal.  Returning /usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data/Vera.ttf
Could not match Computer Modern Roman, normal, normal.  Returning /usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data/Vera.ttf
%%BoundingBox: 96 263 483 504
%%HiResBoundingBox: 96.933583 263.234875 482.480001 503.829758

--- x ---

Definitely looks like some missing fonts, does anyone known what I have to do?
Best regards,

2007/8/7, Darren Dale <dd55@cornell.edu>:
On Tuesday 07 August 2007 07:37:04 am Johan Ekh wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to Python in general and Matplotlib in particular.
> I'm trying to create publication quality plots for inclusion
> in LaTeX papers and presentations and have some problems
> to get the fonts right.
> My matplotlibrc contains the following lines
> font.family        : serif
> font.serif         : Times, Palatino, New Century Schoolbook, Bookman,
> Computer Modern Roman
> font.sans-serif    : Helvetica, Avant Garde, Computer Modern Sans serif
> font.cursive        : Zapf Chancery
> font.monospace     : Courier, Computer Modern Typewriter
> and my Python script contains the following lines
> params = {'backend': 'ps',
>           'axes.labelsize': 12,
>           'text.fontsize': 12,
>           'xtick.labelsize': 10,
>           ' ytick.labelsize': 10,
>           'text.usetex': True,
>           'figure.figsize': fig_size}
> rcParams.update(params)
> I run what I believe is a standard openSUSE 10.2 installation of tetex and
> python, including matplotlib.
> Still, fonts in my matplotlib plot are different from the ones used in my
> LaTeX document. Also, strangely
> psfrag does not seem to work? Nothing ever gets replaced in my plot!
> Can someone please help me out, what am I doing wrong?

Please make sure that the external dependencies are installed and properly
configured, see http://www.scipy.org/Cookbook/Matplotlib/UsingTex. If that
doesn't help, try setting your verbose.level to "debug", write as simple a
script as possible that reproduces the problem, and post again, along with
the output and perhaps the figure.