Hi there,

Just an update regarding the svg problem I was having:

I simply went back to 0.90 and that's working now.

Would still be nice to know if the svg output from matplotlib complies with the standard or whether it's Qt that's messing things up.

Merry x-mass!


On 21/12/2007, Christiaan Putter <ceputter@googlemail.com> wrote:
Hi guys and girls,

Quick question regarding matplotlib's svg backend...

I've embeded pyhton into c++ and Qt's (4.3.3) svg support is having some problems with .svg files created by matplotlib.  Text isn't showing up.  Firefox displays the same .svg file correctly though...

The problem:

It seems some text stuff is stored in a section called defs at the end of the file with stuff linking to this earlier in the file.  Qt doesn't like that and only displays the normal plot stuff (lines, etc.) but not the labels and other text.

More exact:

<use xlink:href="#c_7" .....


<path id="c_7" d="M10.6875 .....

at the end of the file.

When I simply cut and paste the defs section to the beginning of the file it solves the problem.

What does the svg standard say about this?  I assume Qt's implementation is defect...

Has anybody else encountered this problem?  I'll send an e-mail to Qt too and ask them about it.

Hope you're all having a nice day.


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